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南粤风采36选7走势图:The Box: Chapter 3

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avatar ThatBroadwayDoggo_
Level 11 : Journeyman Unicorn
Chapter 3: Aquamarine Beanz

Penni and Luna decided to go down to the coffee shop Penni & Luna had once worked together at. Penni’s sister, Lily, still worked there. When they opened the door, they were Immediately greeted to “Hi Penni! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” It was Penni’s previously mentioned sister, Lily. Her sister was about as tall as Penni, so quite short for her age of 20. She was also quite plump, and she had yellow skin and blonde hair with pink streaks. She was sporting the Aquamarine Beanz uniform, which was a white shirt with a black skirt. The shirt had “Aquamarine Beanz” with a coffee bean shaped aquamarine on it. Luna didn’t know where the heck they got the idea to mix a gemstone and a coffee bean, but people in this town seemed to be crazy. Luna still lived with her aunt technically, but she was at work 24/7 so she didn’t come home until midnight. On unlucky days, her aunt would just sleep at her workplace. “Oh… Hi, Luna.” Lily slightly rudely added when she finally looked over from hugging Penni at her. Lily and Luna had never liked each other that much, but they weren’t enemies. “Oh, Hey Michelle, look, it’s L and P!” It was Cathy who said this. She said hello to both of us and talked about how much she missed us since we left, shaking our hands for an unusual amount of time. Cathy had a rather striking look. She was average hight with dark skin. She was sporting the Aquamarine Beanz uniform. She also had black and straight hair. The striking part about her though was her eyes. They were such a beautiful vibrant green color you couldn’t help but stare at her. Even her best friend Michelle couldn’t stop staring at her when she joined. Luna sometimes wanted to come back to work here, but she was much too busy, especially with the box mystery to worry about. Michelle ran over, and said “Heya L and P!” L and P were the two friends nicknames for them. “Howyabeen?” Michelle added to her greeting. The two girls answered at the same time, “Fine” “Happy to hear!” Michelle replied. Michelle looked quite interesting. She was wearing the coffee shops uniform as usual, and she had very tanned wheat colored skin with freckles, light brown short hair, and medium brown eyes. Lily decided to for once speak up say “Well we should be sitting you now!” Lily lead the two girls to a table with a blue-green checkerboard cloth. Cathy quickly asked “What do you-“ Michelle decided to finish her friend’s sentence and say “Want?” While smugly smirking at her friend, and taking a glimpse of her eyes. “We’ll both take just some plain coffee.” Luna answered, tired of pretending to care about them. Penni quickly added, “We’ll take one with extra creamer!” “Ok!” The three young women said, who were quite energetic today, even more so than usual. Their coffees were quickly brought, and Luna noticed a picture of a girl oddly like her on the table. She examined closer. Her heart seemed to stop. The girl was wearing the necklace she was given in the box! She looked closer. She was also holding the doll! This was the girl! Once their coffees were brought (which didn’t take long since the employees here had always rushed) Luna decided to ask Michelle something. “Hey, Michy.” Luna spoke, accidentally creating a new nickname for her. “Yeah L?” She replied, setting down the coffee on their table. “Who’s this?” Luna asked, holding up the picture for her to see. “Oh, that’s my great-grandma! Her name’s Edna.” Luna’s heart stopped again. “Can you tell me about her? For no particular reason.” Luna spoke again. Michelle replied sounding slightly attacked saying. “I won’t do anything for no reason. Bye!” Michelle hastily walked away, her tanned cheeks turning red, acting as if she has just been asked on a date by someone she hated. “Well that didn’t work.” Penni said annoyingly. “Goof.” Luna replied, a slight lightness in her tone. If anything was true now, she had to find about as much as possible about that girl.

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Thanks for this informative article. To get the best tech help contact geek squad support.
Help me i'm starting to ship Michelle and Cathy ;-;

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